Tire Pressure Monitoring System
(( This TPMS kit needs to be used with VEGA-HUD ))


【Original compatibility table】
Lightweight 50%
Anti-high speed 300km/h
High temperature resistance 125°C


– Ultra-lightweight TPMS sensor body design, reducing at least 50% weight –
– Aerospace grade high hardness aluminum alloy process, resistant to disassembly, shock and light weight –
– Japanese-made racing special gas nozzle needle, high temperature and safety –
– Designed for high G values with speeds above 300km –
– High durability design, long-term cleaning against strong acid and alkali –
– Intrusive aluminum ring protection ring design, does not hurt high-grade aluminum ring –

■ Optimized tire management
1. High temp warning, the front, and  rear wheels can independently set the warning range
2. TP warning, the front, and rear wheels can independently set the warning range
3.Corresponding to FF / FR / RM / RR different chassis weights, the best adjustment of the free      adjustment of different tires
■TPMS priority warning notice
When the TPMS finds that the tire is abnormal, the driver will be notified by a flashing message regardless of whether the driver switches to that function page.
■ Professional integrated instrument
It contains a VEGA motion instrument module that combines engine temperature, speed, speed, tire pressure and tire temperature into a single screen, allowing drivers to master all vehicle data without switching.

※ Original compatible, no fault light